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lost with no need to be found

observing the moment in changing times

thoughts with no sound

words penned i leave behind

always homeward bound

wandering with no destination in mind



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  1. Ah, Maryrose, I knew I’d find you out here sometime again and such a joy it is to find such wonderful words as these you’ve written. Don’t we all have a destination though, but the meandering paths we take to get there make it worth the while.
    ………………………….Hugs, dear lady ! 🙂

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    1. I have wanted to say Thank you for coming by, but it just didn’t seem like has so many of those meandering paths you spoke of…and mine are many these days with so many twists and turns I forget the direction I once started in…i have a few days to be still? in the quiet so to speak..and i thought this would take me down this path to visit your kind words…slower these days getting back, know I am grateful to find ou here …Thank you for being you PapaBear…and Hugs to you ..Hope your Christmas is all you wish for…Take Care…You Matter Blessings …mary

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