Autumn tinted in blue

who knew

it wouldn’t last

or how fast

it would fade

to winter’s grey

enjoy the moment

for soon it will be absent

from thoughts passing by

and you’ll never figure out why



5 thoughts on “Autumn”

  1. Autumns colours are always beautiful, yet those golden moments are it seems never meant to last.. A beautiful image and your words echo out into the blueness of those cooler winter days which still lay ahead..
    Lovely poetry Mary ❤
    Love Sue xx


    1. i loved the contrast of the blue with the leaf….seemed suspended in that in between time of Autumn and Winter to me…
      Thank you for being here means alot to me
      now if i can figure out how to work this blog type i will be relieved 🙂
      Take Care…You Matter…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You will get used to it Mary.. I am sure.. 🙂 And funnily enough yours was the first email in my long over 1,000 plus now to catch up on.. Which I will never do.. But I will have a good hour this afternoon before I start preparing my own post.. Love to you my dear friend x

        Liked by 1 person

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