desolate times


desolate times…..

desolate landscapes of loneliness

desolate times of sadness

surrounded by chaos and noise

magnified by progress’s toys

hiding under layers and layers of fear

silent echoes of love shrouded in tears

crying out to be heard

trying to remember the words

some will destroy within their hate

some will sleep walk within their faith

will enough awaken in time… to take a stand

to save humanity within this hallowed land



15 thoughts on “desolate times”

    1. in humanity’s grasping for air they seem to be sucking the life out of the one energy that maintains the needs of their own life while they visit here….
      I sometimes and just stand watching the morning awaken and think what a peace-filled moment before the insanity of humans begin….if we could just bottle those few moments and give it to each human….more would see
      Thank you for being you Sue in all your sight and wisdom…
      Take Care…You Matter

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      1. Just a thought on what you’ve written, Mary…
        We have a murder of crows, a flock of geese, a herd of cattle, why not an insanity of humans? It sounds about right to me. Hugs. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Sue…I am in a weird place in my life one where words seem to be stuck somewhere else…I have a quick trip today but I write you when i get back…
      Thank you for caring, it means alot to me ….
      Take Care…You Matter My Kindred Sister

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