within this silent in-between space
memories our soul shall trace
we wander in thoughts of tomorrow
entwined within joy and sorrow
reflecting in thoughts of yesterday
pausing to hear what slipped away
yet we are still in this moment
when time vanishes taking its discontent
leaving songs of this life within eternity
to spin and weave another love within mystery
19 Dec 2016

5 thoughts on “within”

  1. Sending you my love and thoughts dear Mary.. It seems we have both been visiting Within recently.. This was a profound poem, deep with emotion.. As yet another year comes to a close..
    Know you are always being thought of, and held within my heart..
    I am always but a thought away..
    Sending Love and well wishes for your Christmas and have a Peaceful New Year..
    Hugs and Blessings
    Sue xxxx ❤

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    1. that within seems to be a safe haven for these days… 🙂
      as i am a thought away, words are scarce for me, i am grateful that you always being there for me..i appreciate more than words can convey…..will email you soon…
      Thank you for being you…
      Take Care My Friend…You Matter much
      Always a hug across the ocean
      Wishing Blessings for a wonderful for you and yours
      and a Happy New Year with the best yet to be
      just me

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for dropping by Sriram…
      I appreciate you much….
      and I wish for you the best that is yet to be for you in New Year….
      Take Care…You Matter


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