the clock strikes midnight

what if your path

binds your feet

what if the future

becomes the past



for what


at last

i know defeat

i did not look away

i was looking to


if you would confess

i could move again

and forget

the betrayal of heart

and trust

feel there is never

an us

i close my eyes

to remember the good

while i still could

string them on a short thread

no regret

in you leaving us

in the middle of a memory

that did bind my feet

i opened my eyes

as the clock stuck midnight

New Year was here

wiping away the last tear

i smile one last time

across the miles

the wind carries it far

its been a long time

since that wish on a star

i stayed to long

in memories

where i never had a chance

to belong

always outside looking in

at the end

do no harm is my path

even in the storms aftermath

my feet know

which way the winds blow

after i let go


9january 2017

10 thoughts on “the clock strikes midnight”

  1. A heart felt poem Mary.. But it sounds at last as if you have moved the binding from your feet and are stepping away..
    Here is to knew beginnings, and a futures Song of Love of our hearts.. May we turn that love inward and love ourselves to the degree we deserve..
    Love and Blessings for your New Year Mary.. May each moment be filled with Harmony and Contentment for the beautiful Soul that you are..
    Love and Blessings always
    Sue ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i decided to go barefoot more often, and i liked the energy that came from the Earth as i walked ….it got me to thinking about those shoes strings being tied and i realized i was walking a repeating path so to speak…
      i’ll write you about it sometime 🙂
      you sound more at’s a good energy
      Thank you for your wishes…i will stand in the vibration of those words 🙂
      Take Care…You Matter…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. even in need to feel the earth even if just for a few steps 🙂
      though on snow not ice…
      i just saw this, i seem to have got lost again in the mundane of world of sanity 🙂
      Hope you’re doing well these Winter days before Spring
      Take Care…You Matter…
      just me


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