freeze frame

freeze frame that memory

midnight oil burning history

thoughts spinning into the night

just know everything will be alright

a moment to pause within this flight

smiles dance in the shadows of candle light

tales of magick and mayhem

prayers end with an amen

tears rain down again

when the end begins

memories of another time

when what was, is now no where to find

secrets in whispers left far behind

echoes of once loved will lead the blind

spirit shattered will soon gather

hope within seeds of time to scatter

does any of this really matter

broken hearts torn and tattered

yesterdays tears of sorrows,

joys being made for the tomorrows

living while knowing time is borrowed

promises to be bestowed

memories freeze framed

life, love and laughter will always change



8 thoughts on “freeze frame”

  1. “hope within seeds of time to scatter -does any of this really matter”

    Time has scattered and no none of it really matters anymore dear Mary… I let go at last.. and long long last.. and it only matters if I allow it to keep on tearing at me..
    We are all of us living in a time Borrowed.. I am not wasting that time any more… But living it.. Laughing, loving, yes will always change us.. Keep loving yourself dear Mary.. for you are special my friend..

    It was so good to see you again..
    I think of you often.. Much Love..
    Always.. Sue ❤ xxx

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    1. as i think of you…just more in silence these days…
      long days filled with busyness, wondering if i will ever get to go home 🙂
      our storms made me think of you and when i tuned in today i saw your post, made me see that your world
      still parallels mine 🙂
      I will catch up soon with you….
      I miss our chats ….Take Care My Faraway Friend…You Matter much to me
      just me

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you CybeleMoon ..I’m glad you liked my thoughts
      I found the image on the internet, for-get-me-nots are one of my favorite flowers, combined with the tree and sunlight, a triqueta of perfection I think 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by, i appreciate it much
      Take Care…You Matter….

      Liked by 1 person

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