Winds of time2

love came tripping off my tongue

quietly stumbling, falling

words rushing as if time had just begun

hesitating, perhaps stalling


silence echoed in it’s wake

uncertainty grips somewhat foreboding

breath it seems to take

pain within spirit is exploding


illusive within time lost

found again within delusions

searching no matter the cost

questions never finding a conclusion


love is the greatest mystery

a feeling, an act, a moment

vulnerable in it’s liberty

of a heart wide open


19 march 2017


10 thoughts on “love”

  1. I will agree with you there Mary.. Love is indeed the greatest mystery.. It can be the cause of great happiness or the greatest pain.. Its the greatest teacher there is..
    Showing us its capacity to move us to the greatest heights, or the lowest of depths..
    Yes despite all the emotions we humans put upon it.. Love is free…
    It is only we humans who put controls over it.. Calling it our own..
    When we do so, we then see the control we manipulate love by.. As we embrace its darker side of jealousies and conditions..

    We seek so many things we call love outside of ourselves.. then we tarnish it.. by others wanting to control it.. manipulate and maneuver and fashion it for their own desires..

    Yet when we truly begin to see and encompass the world of LOVE in its Universal sense.. We see that Love conquers all else.. For its Unconditional..
    And that is where we humans go wrong.. For we always put love into its box which comes with conditions..

    I am learning the merits of Universal Love dear Mary as are you I feel..
    Sending much love your way, and I so enjoyed your poem..
    In Love and Light..
    Sue ❀ xxx

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    1. i was told once when you love will romance you ( paraphrasing πŸ™‚ )
      i agree with you, expectations puts limits on love, i think expectations will blind you to not see
      outside a persons intentions….intentions do not really fit in a box, they will always seep out

      i never understood why someone wants someone to change, are they not the same person they fell in love with?
      sadly most of the time no…with expectations and intentions there is an agenda,what a crowded box humans construct….

      Universal love is attainable more easily than human love…
      as I was writing this, i wondered if you and i will ever find that illusive peace we seek…
      i will send you a picture of what came to see me as i thought that… πŸ™‚

      Have a great day My Friend in your faraway world…
      Take Care…You Matter…
      just me

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    1. a mystery i think no one can solve πŸ™‚
      maybe the solution is to just accept with no questions….
      I’m glad you stopped by tonight, I appreciate your being here and i am glad you like my thoughts
      Take Care…You Matter

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  2. Your words are echoing in my mind. The greatest mystery we will ever know, at love brings to us every emotion imaginable… good and bad. The beauty of your words here match one of my favorite lines on your home page: “enjoy the moment, for soon it will be absent”
    Wishing you a great springtime of love, Mary.

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    1. if we can love through the good, bad, and ugly then there is always a moment
      of clarity to see the hidden beauty in love’s mystery, most days i love within my solitude
      if that makes sense πŸ™‚
      i tend to enjoy those small moments so when they are absent i take the road less traveled and find
      another moment, i think i spend a lifetime collecting those moments, my own photographs to wander through
      as memories to remember….
      it’s better to listen the wind than try to grasp it,
      I’m glad you stopped by today Dalo πŸ™‚ your words always make me think in another way, adds to the mystery I think
      Hope you are enjoying your choices these days…and I wish for you a lifetime of Spring time love ….i feel you deserve it
      Take Care…You Matter


      1. Thank you….
        i just heard the word patience as i wandered within cyberspace…an on-going lesson of experiencing life, rushing through it like a Texas tornado i reckon πŸ™‚
        You have great days in experiencing life also πŸ™‚
        Take Care…You Matter…


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