footprint of memories


ancient times held in stones

silence wanders among it’s ghosts

whispers through from times gone past

where footprint of memories still last


created by a connection circled in unity

today shrouded in mists of life’s mysteries

wisdom in voices heard on the wind

where truth cannot bend


sharing within it’s stone walls

answering to all who come to call

teaching of the Creators’ balance in nature

caring for all life, responsibility for one’s behavior


walking on sacred ground

listening…sharing the wisdom that is found

where we had been times before

where we traveled to many distant shores


a time of many tears, a time of laughter

a time when we connect with the here after

all is possible on this sacred ground called earth

where in each death there is a creation of birth


our threads of life connections woven in webs of many colors

each a path for us to move forward and discover

who we are as we take a direction of the four winds

following the whispers the ancients shall send


today I follow traces of the footprints into the winds of the west

where together with them I stand watching the sun set

beauty in their life and death brings rivers of tears

as I listen in the stillness of the wind, their stories I hear

always…I know they are near


(images were found on the internet)



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