the complexity of time

neither forward,nor behind

invisible wheels turn

gaining speed on each curve


yesterday is in now’s tomorrow

for better or worse, we borrow

nothing to hold in your hand

time is flexible in the intent to understand


time is a throwback within years

spinning the living through mirrors

where death waits at the door

time is what we want more


reflection of days gone by

turning days into nights

twilight gives way to dawn

dusk goes further beyond


seconds wrapped in minutes

not for the weak and timid

minutes spun into the golden hours

as the seed becomes the flower


for all time is not a straight line

forever is not left behind

words make time immortal

as humans pass through each portal


their hands move through space

clockwise upon each other’s face

neither here nor there

eternity is what will be shared



*_0_ aaaQuotes By Charles Bukowski

images were found on the internet


16 thoughts on “time”

  1. Loved this poem Mary.. So true where is time flying too

    “for all time is not a straight line forever is not left behind words make time immortal
    as humans pass through each portal ”

    Sending love from my portal of time to yours dear Mary..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue ❤ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello My Faraway Friend 🙂
      i’m glad you stopped by, i miss your thoughts
      life is so intersecting with time i seem to get lost more lately, but as the song goes, “missing is my favorite place to be”
      i focus on moment to moment these days, getting done what needs to be done, i enjoy taking care of my mom, so even though i get tired, i take breaks, i spent last weekend at the coast, it was hot and i did get a nice rosy sunburn LOLs…but i enjoyed being with my daughter and grandchildren…..came back with a renewed spirit, the ocean has a great effect on me these days…
      i hope you and yours are doing well in your neck of the woods…
      i will attempt to stretch time today and catch up on your blog 🙂
      Take Care My Dearest friend…You Matter Much to me
      just me

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lovely to know you are getting ‘Lost’ in time my friend.. And spending precious moment with your daughter and grandchildren.. I am enjoying similar over the holidays.. Two days this week with our granddaughter and much fun to be had too..
        The ocean a great cleanser.. and toner for the Spirit.. Enjoy your ME time Mary.. I am well, sending lots of love your way too xxx Hugs Sue xxx ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank You 🙂
        as I return the sentiments to you
        on the winds of time….
        may they never pass you by
        and know you are loved too
        on this side of that ocean of energy
        words seem to be seeping on paper today 🙂
        now my seaweed awaits me ( i am attempting a medicine wheel of the oceans gifts
        i saw seaweed dried out on the Island of St Joe’s (a great little island, no humans live there only visit) and it looked like the many branches of river currents..gave me an ideal LOLs
        we’ll see if i can make what i see come to Be
        Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there Stranger 🙂
      glad to see you are doing okay is this world of chaos…
      Thank you, i’m glad you liked my thoughts…i seem to have all different stages of time as i take care of my mom these days…
      I hope you are doing well in your neck of the world
      Take Care…You Matter


      1. no it is not ever dull 🙂 every little thing seems to have the potential to bring me a gift 🙂
        you have a great weekend too…keep following your heart, it is an amazing journey
        Take Care…Randall!


    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it…
      i hope you will stop by again when,i appreciate the thoughts
      and i look forward to reading more of your thoughts
      Take Care..You Matter


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