are we ghosts

caught between shadow and light
are we ghosts
our souls their host
destined or cursed
to wander alone
never to belong,no home
was destiny rehearsed to be reversed
are we ghost
nothing to hold
no warmth, always cold
nothing fulfilled
no longer real
is our fate now sealed
thoughts slowly drift
in silence within times rift
to shift, forgetting promised gifts
dreams no longer earth bound
each one lost,no longer to be found
tears fall with no sound
are we ghosts
once whole,one soul
forever to be lost
within kisses,breath stole
destined to live in the far off
forever no longer sought
are we ghosts
never to let go
of all we still hold
to be as the wind
whispers that won’t end
to remember why, yet only pretend
hope caught between light
shadows of spirits caught within flight
love no longer need be wrong or right
no moon, no sun, no stars
just to exist, no risks, only scars
still reaching, though hope now seems to far
11February 2019


images found on the internet,
i do not own the rights,
i just wanted to share

14 thoughts on “are we ghosts”

  1. Beautifully written kind lady. And it does seem like that from ‘down here’. But underneath it all is something so incredibly wonderful…breathtaking…and a warmth like no other ❤
    When your time is up, your 'conditions' on this world have shown you…you, the next journey will sooth, heal and release all that pain in its understanding that 'unconditional' is ❤
    Thank you for sharing that 'gift' within my friend, those words and thoughts that always ask us as we venture towards a love like no other ❤

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  2. You My Friend from way down under always seem to hear me……strange dreams lately, and as i wandered through, no one seem to see me, maybe me wonder if we are ghosts to those who we once knew but no longer do, or if we ever did….
    i do hope my next journey is not here, i think i am tired of trials, limitations and lessons of humans, i prefer to be invisible, its much easier on the soul 🙂

    and…Thank you for always being kind, thoughtful within your kind words, it matters much to me these days….and i treasure our faraway friendship….you have a special gift to make me and i am sure many others smile and feel not so ghost like

    Take Care Mark…You Matter…
    just me

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    1. You are only being asked to ‘see’ you dear lady, as that unconditional love seeks a way in ❤
      And from 'up there' you will see the absolute perfection this journey 'down here' is giving us. It is in knowing and experiencing our fears down here that we will then understand and appreciate that love that will forever hold us dearly. We cannot 'know' anything until we experience it, and then realise there are ever two sides to our life. Love-hate, happy-sad etc. It is in seeing and appreciating both sides that will set us free ❤
      Love and light to you also kind lady, your words are your journey and always taken with the love that created them. May that 'gift' be a guide to that unconditional love ❤

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    1. and life goes on 🙂 Thank you..i knew you would see between those worlds just a strange world that i live within…without test of time comes to mind lols i think most days i fail….. dreams come at me even when i am awake, some as strange as my reality…. i’m glad you listened my faraway soul sister…always…just me

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      1. My dreams have been amplified out of all proportion of late Mary, A Sign of the Times I think. Clearing, and cleansing, While other dreams have been quite ridiculous as in cartoonist in story line. Who knows where our dream time takes us?
        Take care Mary, and always sending thoughts your way ❤

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      2. i had a doozy of a dream last night lols, so i know what you mean i hope it doesn’t take me anywhere and just stay one of those head scratching moments of “did i really dream that” 🙂 Thank you Sue, I miss the long chats maybe one day this brain fog will poof…Take Care…You Matter much and as the wind blows my thoughts are sent your way

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