but a whisper…


Time is neither here nor there, yet here we are..joined in the echoes
of the in-between fractured moments defined by time itself. caught within the existence of breathing, experiencing the life with all its chaos and flaws.
wandering deep within emotions that are a part of the vibrations of the universe.
Love is but a whisper, flowing silently on the wind. it never begins, it never ends,for it is the breath of the infinite soul. the spirit carries love,
held inside the heart, where it seeks to be felt, as well as longs to be heard
to taste it, is to encompass the passions of the echoes that has come and gone,savoring in the glory it has inspired, sometimes defeated in the ultimate loss of it.
yet, it always resides within, neither here nor there, only in the breath of these fractured moments in between, waiting to be released once again to share.
It is the the song of the heart, the rhythm in the music of a thousand years of memories. growing stronger in the silent echoes, held within the valleys of the mountains, the never ending waves of the oceans. waiting to be cherished within the folds of time that do not exist…once again.
Love exists within, through-out the bounds of nature, it resides in all life, in all beauty, given freely to the soul’s heart, no human mind creates it,
the mind only stores its memories. the joy, the pain, the answered,
and the unanswered.
Love is the hope of tomorrow
enduring the moments of joy and sorrow
Hope is the faith within silence
patient holding back defiance
Faith is knowing silence is not empty
it is filled with answers aplenty
Silence is where you hear the echoes
of a thousand years ago
Echoes vibrate to the colors of wonder
discovering Love as your soul wanders
7 April 2019
Rose On Wood BW
i do not own the rights to the images and video,
i share so others may enjoy


15 thoughts on “but a whisper…”

  1. This is so beautifully written, only a heart that knows such love and all its emotions could ever begin to create such verses.
    From one heart to another who also is but a whisper away 💖🌈🧡💛💜

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    1. Thank you… I was on the porch at 5:30 this morning watching the much needed rain… barefoot in the rain, what could one want more 🙂
      thunder rolling, lightning lighting up the darkened skies, it was a breath taking moment that made time stand still so one could hear the universe’s whispers… life has given many lessons, some harder than others, none better than the of experience love, even when it fades away like the end of a storms thunder… i appreciate all your words of kindness My Kindred Sister….and i always know you ear the whispers as i do…such a parallel in our lives that seems to be of one experience… i’m am glad you share the journey with me…
      I hope all is well within your world…. I wish you the peace you so deserve …
      Take Care Sue…You Matter, Much

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      1. All is well in my world dear Mary, and was happy to see your post today and remember when the storms pass, eventually the sun shines through the rain and we then begin to see the rainbows..
        Hold onto those my friend.. April Showers bring forth May Flowers.. 🙂
        Sending love and well wishes always ❤

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    1. i liked that line too…it seemed to have placed itself for me… I’m glad you liked my thoughts this stormy morning, it is as if the storm as washed away a part of life that needed to go, if the silence of it, i felt the answer of that faith i needed 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by, Daniel…your words of kindness are much appreciated
      Take Care….You Matter…

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    1. i loved coming to your words this morning(afternoon) Thank you Mark..as always is is always a pleasure to feel the magick kind of kindness you send my way …You and Sue always make me smile when i need it the most, so faraway we all are but still i hear your whispers… 🙂
      just me

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  2. Consciousness is immersion in the now, it obscures the truth by its own nature. In order to know where we came from, who or what we are, we must forget everything that is so that we may find it here … Look around the answer is everywhere … This place – earth – is the closest anywhere has ever gotten (to the truth) We endure this mystery because the reward is so great! …Be well – keep writing – it becomes you ! – Peter

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  3. Beautiful words and writing, Mary. “it never begins, it never ends, for it is the breath of the infinite soul.” It is as if both time and love are one of the same ~ it is always there for us and we can choose what to make of it. You write with the understanding of both, and take pride in finding those moments of the day; “deep within emotions that are a part of the vibrations of the universe.” Wonderful and wish you a great weekend.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words… i appreciate them as much much as you taking time to read my words 🙂
      Enjoy your adventures, be safe and keep sharing them with us ..they are much loved


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