life’s simple pleasures

life's simple pleasures

life’s simple pleasures
moments to treasure
one stitch at a time
circles of flaxen twine
quiet thoughts
peace sought
and found
in the silence of sound
never lonely in being alone
in a space where i belong
no need for more than what i have
a journey on this path
within the darkness a light
my soul takes flight
i follow the path before me
within grace i am finally free
blessed beyond measure
in this life i treasure
nor more, nor less
just simply blessed
23 may 2019


16 thoughts on “life’s simple pleasures”

    1. Thank you Mark…i hope all is well in your neck of the woods… 🙂 i’m glad you stopped by, I appreciate it much….

      Take Care….You Matter…

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      1. Beautiful warm sunny days in the middle of winter, walking by the lake each morning and forcing myself to stop and have a coffee overlooking the beach and watching the dolphins playing in the surf 😀
        I force this on myself each day so that others may not suffer Maryrose 😀 ❤
        In the morning I shall send you that energy that keeps me smiling as I traverse this trail each day ❤

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      2. i think i could get use to having coffee as i watch the dolphins play in the surf 🙂 and i look forward to the energy you send 🙂 i will absorb it and spread it around 🙂 ,,, i could use rain, the winds are blowing so hard these days that it dries everything out faster than i can keep up…. which i need another cup of coffee and outside i go to transplant a Satsuma orange and a new olive tree i have been procrastinating in finishing…Sweet dreams Mark… have a rest-filled night…
        Take Care…You Matter…
        just me

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      3. Slept like a baby thank you dear lady 😀
        Energy coming over along with a burst of rain. If I can manage that last one God may hire me for the morning miracles, plus they’ll want me back over here, we’re still in the middle of a drought. But its the thoughts and love in the request that counts so I’ll put a double dose in for you 😀
        At least you will enjoy the grounding while planting another couple of rainmaking plants to help your garden 😀 ❤
        Take care my friend, you also matter ❤

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      4. 🙂 i had a few sprinkles yesterday morning and a few more today, nobody wants rain as it is a 3-4 day holiday 🙂 i still want some… i got most of my plants upped to bigger pots, clearing the area for a garden, i should have it done for the Fall veggies, maybe some late Summer..depends on my heat and humid tolerance lols… i am off to my absolute favorite nursery up in Austin, i feel it calling me, I am looking for a Thai Lime, and a Confederate Rose hibiscus… (and what ever else asks me to take it home 🙂 i need some Holy basil(Tulsi) i have seeds, but i want a plant started, it’s fragrance is divine 🙂 now to finish laundry before i go, Thank you for always being here Mark when i come up from visiting Alice and the Madhatter, I appreciate it much
        Have a great weekend !

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  1. One stitch at a time. So long as you are at peace creating each one dear Maryrose, it matters not how long it takes to create, so long as we are enjoying the Journey..
    Sending tons of LOVE your way special friend… Maybe one day you can share one of your creations with us..
    LOVE and Blessings Always ❤

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    1. what a wonderful surprise in a more than normal chaotic week (or two) my computer finally bit the dust and I will have to save to get a new one… I am using my mom’s nothing like mine and I struggle LOLs still computer challenged… I was working on my stitching and thought I would pop on, little did I know I would be attempting to figure out how to get back to my blog…hopefully I figured it out…

      I am enjoying the journey… I feel like giving up, then I hear a whisper and take another stitch in time so to speak…my handwork is my saving grace I do believe, I think that’s why I don’t show it, I wonder what it would show in between the stitches on one of my down the rabbit hole daze 🙂 the quilt(wall hanging) I am determined to finish this year ( I quit for a few years) it is 5ftx7ft (I think, been awhile since I started lols) it is an American flag…took my over 6 months to design the stars, I could find a pattern for stars on gingham which is the fabric I do chickenscratch on…. I love working on it, it was for a friend I knew in Irag, but I haven’t heard from him since everyone left, he was the last American to close the doors on Sizemore Stables, I think I quit working on it because I didn’t know where he was… I think I came back because I am attempting to finish my projects, sort of putting this life in order…. keep your fingers crossed and whisper wishes that I finish this year please 🙂 I have a little bit more on a cross-stitch I am working on, I will take a photo of it for you if I can find a way to download…*sigh* I miss my Dell Inspiro …simple, efficient just right for me…

      Thank you My Faraway Friend who knows me well 🙂 I am glad you haven’t given up on me… I am Blessed to have you as my friend, a kindred sister…

      if I am not screaming after this hour of attempting to use this computer, I will email you…
      Hope all is well within your neck of the woods…

      Take Care…You Matter Much


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      1. Dear Mary, I saw your like,, and had not received your beautiful reply in my notifications or I would have answered it.
        Good to know you managed to navigate back to your blog, and are still enjoying your crafts, sewing etc.
        And how is that Quilt coming along??
        And still looking forward to that day we see the finished results of your patient sewing talents..
        Much love my friend ❤

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      2. 🙂 you always make me smile when I read your thoughts …
        Thank you for coming by, I am on so little these days, I miss a lot of works on WP…I sometimes have a couple of minutes so I do stop by your blog…then poof back to my world of the mundane .

        when I get my new computer I will take a photo of it for you, I think I have passed the halfway mark on it/ my laptop bit the dust, so I am saving till I have enough for a new Dell laptop. I use my moms, but I can’t save things to it and its another long story so I won’t bore you today 🙂 I am usually on in the early mornings before mom gets up and when she does its off to her world…

        I miss you and our chats… I think of you, and hope all is well in your neck of the woods…

        Take Care My Kindred Sister, You Matter much

        just me

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    1. Thank you, 🙂 I am glad you stopped by, and you liked my thoughts
      being alone has been a favorite place of mine for a long time ….

      I appreciate you stopping by, it means a lot to me
      Take Care…You Matter…


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