written in the stars
a poem with no words to travel far
rushing currents turning the whispers
on the winds into silence
flowing on the earth’s rivers
becoming part of the timeless
tears flow down unknown faces
leaving only shadows to trace
love lost in this once upon a time
memories hidden, forever denied

i hear thoughts
though they’re not really mine
they’re memories i had left behind
of battles long ago fought
no one won the battles nor the war
just walked away, not wanting any score
drowning in all the tomorrows
that would never be
no joy no sorrows
a spirit left to wander the open seas

it’s a hot summer day
the wind stirs the heat
footprints don’t even stay
to remember someone passing this way
a feather in red fell
though no bird in sight
perhaps it has a secret to tell
or perhaps a haunting whisper to roam the night
perhaps a simple sign of hope or to have faith
wonder if anyone knows which way

16 August 2019




13 thoughts on “words”

  1. Beautifully written Mary, your gift is still singing in your heart dear lady ❤️
    I hope your summer is pleasant, your gardens green and your heart light as that red feather ❤️
    Thank you for sharing ❤️

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    1. and you Always make me Smile Mark 🙂
      my summer is hot, no rain and we need it, though my plants are hanging on, I tell them that this (heat) shall pass 🙂
      and they seem to listen

      my heart is light these dazes …. I am still in “pause” but not the limbo mindset, so I can have thoughts every once in awhile lols

      and I was wandering through my plants yesterday and a Cardinal feather floated down in front of me, I held out my hand it seem to come to me… no birds were around , (its too hot for them too I think) when I came in for my coffee, it seem to whisper so to speak 🙂 i’m glad you liked what it said 🙂

      I hope you are doing well in your neck of the woods Mark, and of course your heart always feels light to me, so I know you must be okay

      Thank you for stopping by, remembering me is such a kindness, I don’t think some think of that , I have very few in my world, so I enjoy kind souls like you here
      Thank you again Mark….. Kindness matters most I think
      Hope you have a

      Take Care…you Matter…

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      1. That feather was most certainly a sign Mary. I have a lovely friendly crow who comes to visit me and have a chat. The amazing thing about this crow is it has a large white tail feather. Now we all know that crows are all black, but this particular fellow was bringing me a sign that it doesn’t matter who we are, we are all beautiful exactly as we are.
        Your feather was just reminding you of that inner and outer beauty too dear lady ❤️
        I send much energy for a shower or two, strength to you and your flowers, and a few more feathers to guide you true ❤️

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  2. Dearest Mary, as Mark says, the beauty of your words are as beautiful as ever, however poignant , they haunt the page of time..
    Interesting how you mention finding feathers.. I have been finding lots, not red.. But pigeon feathers Magpie feathers.. Which I have been tying to a wind chime.. I watch them spin as the wind whips at them.. Reminding me we are all but floating through time, ready to be caught, and as I gaze upon them, I also know we are never alone, we are constantly being shown, like the minute feather structure even when we pull a feather apart, we can smooth it back into shape..

    We are very much like that.. Sending Words of love and hope your days are smooth and your energy calm.. ❤
    much love dear Mary ❤

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    1. yes we are very much alike 🙂 I wrote a long reply and it poofed, not sure why, the screen said the site was not safe and I should leave immediately, hmmmm and the poof went my reply, guess “they” didn’t like what I wrote LOls
      maybe it will show up someday… 🙂

      I collect feathers to begin a mandala project I have been thinking about… I have always been drawn to them, pieces of wood, rocks, leaves, even bones sometimes… I love all the gifts Mother Nature gives to us if we just pay attention, I notice more and more that feathers and leaves are a lot alike, I think bird feathers are heavens signs of Spirit and leaves are the “feather” signs from Earth…. i miss living alone so i can have my “nature” inside at my leisure till i decide what i see in them … one day …..

      You and Mark are two of the most special people i have met in cyberspace, a few others too, in fact I was re-reading Daniels post @ https://danielswearingen.wordpress.com/2019/08/11/for-the-lack-of-a-map-roads/?c=10012#comment-10012 today and thought of you two, and wondered if y’all had ever visited his page, he has a wonderful gift as you two have …. i think y’all would like him a lot
      a Bard that brings words to life i think “_

      okay my day begins with making breakfast for my mom so i will bid you a WONDERFUK day, and thank you again for your kindness ..I am glad to see you here 🙂
      Take Care My Kindred Sister, You Matter
      and love flows back across the ocean from me to you
      love and a hug!

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      1. Hi my dear Friend.. I came in search of you today to see if I had missed any updates.. I see I haven’t yet I did miss this reply.. IT didn’t show in my reader or at least by the time I got to my reader maybe it got deleted.. I see that happen a lot.. If I fail to answer straight away next time I log in my notifications are empty with END written clearly only a few comments down, when I know there were more replies on other blogs from people..
        Any how Hope this finds you well dear friend.. And thank you for that Huge compliment you paid both myself and Mark.. And I will most certainly go and check out the link you provided with the other site..
        Much love your way and continued blessings..
        Love and Hugs ❤

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  3. Reverberating words, Mary, a perfect read for a Saturday. You weave together a scene I could sit and think about all day, and what a perfect emotion these lines create: “a feather in red fell, though no bird in sight, perhaps it has a secret to tell, or perhaps a haunting whisper to roam the night…” With summer coming to a close, and for me the more insightful season of autumn, I look forward to more of your creations. Wishing you well.

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    1. Hello Randall…. I apologize, it seems to sometimes take me awhile to get back here
      I hope you are doing well in your neck of the woods 🙂

      i’m glad you enjoyed my rambling thoughts, the usual on my walks through the days, I tend to be more in nature these days, calms my spirit and soothes my soul 🙂

      I keep feathers that come to me, the carry whispers I do believe,
      the photographs you share, keeping me (and I am sure others too ) spell bound as we wander through them entwining the words to create a story that seems to be a breath of your soul to gift us with…..

      even though it is hot here in Texas, (most days Really hot) I feel the changes as the winds drift through the trees and the summers’ sun shifts and we fall into night sooner….. always gives me pause, to wander in the past, to standstill in the present and wonder about tomorrows journey, but I think most everyone does that too at some point 🙂

      I think my words are probably tripping over each other as my chaos seems to be caught in the season’s wheel ….

      Thank you again for stopping by and gifting me with a smile,


      A Blessed Mabon to you
      where the season’s wheel turns once again
      we prepare for the Winter’s snow
      in Autumn’s winds, there is a balance that begins

      light of day meets dark of night
      the fire of sun entwines once more
      with his lady of dark’s moon light
      within the open wide of Autumns’ door

      the moment is brief, yet lasts forever within
      holding memories of Mabon’s of long ago
      where calm soothes chaos yet again
      we gather the harvests of knowledge we always know

      magick awaits the lighting of the fires
      singing and dancing away the hours
      as Summer slowly yawns and retires
      Autumn watches the beginning of her twilights’ star-showers

      22 September 2019

      Hope your Mabon was Blessed beyond the moon

      Take Care…You Matter…..
      just me

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      1. Absolutely love this feeling that you describe about falling out of summer: “I feel the changes as the winds drift through the trees and the summers’ sun shifts and we fall into night sooner….. always gives me pause, to wander in the past, to standstill in the present and wonder about tomorrows journey, but I think most everyone does that too at some point” And then you leave with this magical poem… wishing you wonders this autumn, Mary. Take care.

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