2020 … a year to remember

hunter diploma june 6 2020

photograph of  Darren Calvert and Hunter

2020.. a year to remember

unusual to say the least
2020 we hope to not repeat
if ever a lesson to be had
chaos, a world gone mad

yet in small towns everywhere
seniors just wanted to prepare
to graduate, start a new chapter
a simple day,
to show their hard work mattered

social distancing caused a hiccup
instead of a walk across a stage,
a parade with cars and pick-ups
one last walk through the halls
sort of like wandering in a mall

separate, but together in thoughts
so many memories, dreams that were sought
friends laughing together one more time
one last look as they leave this world behind

out the door, a handshake, handed the sacred diploma
you hear the shouts of Congratulations, its a special moment
smile for the photo ops, with family and friends
that moment when you realize, a new chapter begins

confetti diploma june 6 2020

it’s been a crazy school year,
lots of laughter, lots of tears
you came through it with flying colors
now a new world begins for you to discover

Congratulations to all the seniors of Class 2020
May you all have happiness and success a plenty
Know this year will be one for the history books
You were on the front row participating, you had what it took

You came away with kindness and a new perspective
an open heart and mind, heading in a new direction
I wish you well, I wish Love, I wish you Peace
May each moment the good stuff increase

Take Care…You Matter… Always

9 June 2020
for my grandson Hunter Sanchez,
may he always know love above all else especially from his family

Hunter and me 6 June 2020 a great dayhunters day 6 june 2020 kat eddie paige hunterHunter and jimbo lunch after graduation 6 june 2020

me and Hunter………………………..Paige, Kathy, Hunter, Eddie………….Jimbo and Hunter…………..

missing today

Great-Grandmother Merrell

Grandparents Anna and Eduardo

  Uncle JJ, Aunt Sarah and cousin Cody

brother John, sister-in-law Paola, niece Bella, nephew Maximus

Aunt Grace, Uncle Mike, and cousin Eliana,

Aunt Marinna, Uncle Richard, cousins Dominic and Evelyn

and… cousin Austin

due to social distancing, only one carload allowed so they joined us in thoughts

it was a Great day, different but fun for me 🙂


I do not own any rights to the video, it was my grandsons class of 2020 song and I wanted share for all to enjoy,

the photographs are our families

25 thoughts on “2020 … a year to remember”

      1. Thank You for stopping by, I appeciate it and for your kind comment,
        i’m not around alot anymore, busyness of being my mom’s caregiver consumes
        my energy …so i appreciate when i wander in, there’s a breath of kindness here

        that’s good to know you’re upside in the world and okay 🙂
        You’re Welcome 🙂

        Have a great day, with a better weekend 🙂

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  1. Yes, it is so well written Mary. Blessings to your grandson and those many souls about to climb into another world. Work, relationships, adventure and that treasure we all seek, love and happiness to go with them. It is there waiting, just a few bumps to go over first dear lady 😀
    And it is great to hear your voice in the wilderness. I bet it has more magic in its isolation than normal. Clearer skies, more nature about, and that odd silence so that you can hear them all 🤣 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    1. 🙂 and a Good Day or night to You Mark… Thank You for stopping by, I’m glad you liked my post, it took some time getting it edited, but it worked out in the end. My grandson Thanks you for you kind words as I do… This is a strong class, they never got to go back to school after Spring break, and then the lockdown…and the rest of the craziness we wondered if they would even get to do anything, but in the end, They came out with their heads held high, sad in some ways, for missing so much( they like school 🙂 ) I think they are ready to move forward now… its exciting to begin this chapter, Hunter will do great, ..
      I hope you have been well in your neck of the woods, hot here in Texas, already 3 digit days, this morning a glorious 73F Loved it…!

      Have a wonderful evening/night
      Thank you again for stopping by

      Take Care…You Matter…
      Be Well Be Safe…


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      1. He is the future dear lady, as Amy said in her last post. I will look forward to a time where this new generation will indeed change us all. Just by being themselves, learning to love even among its pain. Tell him on those days where he will ask himself ‘why’, he will eventually see something deep within that will answer it all and make this journey so very worth it, even the bumps that we all travel ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋
        And you dear lady sound like your part of nature is being a very wonderful time indeed, between the warmth, garden and family…what more could you want? Blessings to you mary, may it keep you in its heart 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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      2. I had told him he could be bitter or become better, he chose “better” which I knew he would…
        at the graduation parade, there was a great sign, it said “longest Skip Day EVER!” LOLs the seniors have a skip day, this one started Speing break and ended on 6 june… I think the whole class showed grace and class for all that didn’t happen for them. upset, but accepted as a lesson for the most part..They are our future and I am sure they will do us proud. They are a class of strength and compassion, a good combination…. they fly over the bumps 🙂

        we passed warmth, to extreme heat and I am jealous of the snow in Butte Montana the other day, I nearly took a road trip to experience it 🙂 i did more today outside, but we had a cold front, it was a mere 73F when I walked Dakato and started my day before the sun came up….

        Thank you Mark for always being here no matter how long it takes me to come back..i have made a pact with myself to come here more often and catch up with everyone..saying that mother is now calling me so this moment is over 😦

        Have a Great Day Mark… make it an adventure 🙂
        Blessings to you My Friend

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  2. Thank you for dropping by Mary, loved your poem and you must be so proud of your grandson on his graduation day.
    Yes 2020 a totally different year.
    May we all learn to hold that kindness and love within our hearts.
    Good to see your blogging again and writing Mary.
    I hadn’t seen your updates.

    Sending hugs your way 💕💕♥️🙏 loved Seeing you and your family. You really do matter. 💖🙏

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    1. 🙂 I feel all those planets in retrograde and going into retrograde ..I was almost finished with my reply and POOF! it is gone LOLs… give me a bit of time and I will rewrite, I need to check on my mom 🙂
      (Thank YOu for stopping by, It makes me smile 🙂


    2. hello again My Faraway Friend… 9:41am
      I emailed you in case my reply poofs again, sorry I didn’t get back, it was a long day ..i’ll just leave it at that 🙂

      Thank you again… and now I am back again 🙂 10:54

      chores called, watering before it is too hot…

      I Loved your post, I had set the intention to watch the video …and as usual, life here reached out and snagged me to do something… I always enjoy reading your thoughts, makes me smile…reflect, and take in something is usually need to hear as I was thinking about it 🙂 your thoughts are good for the soul….. the spirit, and I enjoy them, as I am being repetitive( I blame the heat 🙂 )

      my grandson is special…he is as sweet as his smile, it seems to come up from the heart, as is my granddaughter, it was a good day, fun with tears of sadness and joy. seems like yesterday Hunter was starting kindergarten , now, the next chapter starts, and I have Faith him to be all he is meant to Be and more… I am very proud of all my grandchildren

      I haven’t ever shared my family before, i’m glad you took time to see us… 🙂

      I am ready for a break to crochet so I will Wish you a wonderful evening, a Great week
      Know you are thought of often in Texas…with love and smiles on waves across the ocean…
      Take Care…You Matter…
      Be Well… Be Safe…..
      (and I finished at 11:08 yeah! )

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      1. I loved SEEing you all Mary… it was a joy to share that moment in time on his special day..
        Thank you for your compliments.. I have received your email, and will reply very soon.. And yes to TIME, it just goes by at such great speed these days..
        As for the video.. If you go to the Time of the Sixth Sun Youtube channel, it will be there for you to watch, I often have to catch live ones later… You will not be disappointed on his topic… and will find his account of his life, his synchronicities and experiences remarkable..
        Smiles I know all about watering.. Our plot needed huge amounts in our record dry hot spring here..
        Will talk more soon… Thank you Mary and take care of you… Remember YOU matter the most!!… ❤

        Liked by 2 people

    1. as I am found i found you too 🙂 i disappear to rest i think, stand back to just observe so to speak…
      Thank you for your kind words, i so enjoyed wandering through your thoughts again… we didn’t think there would be a graduation but he made it, 🙂 he loved school so it was hard when the world tilted and everything changed so fast and so dramatically, he is a strong energy, a good energy so i know he will be okay, my granddaughter will be a jr. loves school has opted to go back to in class, i wonder what this school year will hold for her, she is an empath, and feels everything as she learns to maneuver through her gifts… 2020 has been a year to remember and not repeat,(hopefully enough will wake up)

      your site is beautiful, your thoughts spoke volumes through your words, I will enjoy wandering again .. I’m not here much i am still 24/7 caregiver for my mom and it seems to put a haze over my mind most days, but i will be there 🙂

      Thank You again for being here and sharing your kindness
      Take Care….You Matter…

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      1. I understand, Mary. I’m sending oodles of prayers and caring thoughts your way. When I was in cancer support there was a separate group for the caregivers — they really needed it too! Abundant blessings to you, MW 🥰😍🥰

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      2. Changes are swift and everything is so unpredictable now. Your grandson and granddaughter both have amazing gifts. I feel for your granddaughter as an empath. She will have to learn how to navigate her empathy and self-care. I know she has a wonderful grandmother to help her with that! These exceptional times are a wake up call — I too hope that we will unite to mend what is broken. (((Hugs))), MW

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    1. Hello there my faraway friend in cyberspace 🙂
      life is okay, I hope you are doing well where ever you may be wandering these day.. I have wondered about you in the strange times and Hope you are well and safe somewhere making wonderful photographs, sharing your stories, and making wonderful memories…

      i just saw this, not sure why it didn’t show up for me… I hope you are writing again 🙂
      Take Care Randall You Matter Much

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