just living

living in this moment

peace-filled entwined with content

a breath of fresh air

no regrets, just life cares

a time of no more reflection

moments lead to the right direction

we wander within the seasons

looking for purpose, not just a reason

winds of Autumn shed trees of leaves

blankets to be for the first Winter’s freeze

abundant harvests prepared for sharing and giving

time to remember the moments of just really living


 22 November 2020

9 thoughts on “just living”

  1. Glad to hear your voice mary, among those very breaths of fresh air. No regrets, just allowing the sunshine to do its heart upon us all. I do also hope there is plenty of sunshine in your world too dear lady, thank you for sharing yours 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    1. Thank You Mark, Your thoughts always make me smile
      i have sunshine, but need rain 🙂 i’m just taking one breathe at a time these days.
      My mom keeps me busy, and my brain seems to be on hold for some reason.
      I am glad you come by, I am Grateful you are here Mark…you and your kind words are always a Blessing
      Take Care…You Matter Much Mark

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  2. Simply beautiful, Mary…and also artistically presented 🙂
    You’ve seemed to catch the feeling of the year perfectly in this piece, especially the lines: “a breath of fresh air, no regrets, just life cares, a time of no more reflection, moments lead to the right direction…” Thank you for this, Mary, and wishing you a great start to the holiday season. Take care ~

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    1. Thank You Randall , I’m glad you liked my thoughts, it seems i fall deeper into the more simple ways with each ,moment,
      and i am enjoying life more…
      You are very Welcome, 🙂 and…
      You have a great start to the holidays too
      Take Care… You Matter…


    1. it is…makes it calm for me these days 🙂
      I hope you are well in your neck of the woods, and Thank You for venturing over to read my thoughts, I appreciate it much
      Take Care…You Matter…..
      Blessings from Texas


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