the end

when the end begins ,

the world starts to spin,

there is no reason to want to win,

today becomes “back then”

weaving the spin,

another day of when,

whispers on the wind,

the dawn is the end,

twilight shimmers again,

the moon rises again,

memories rise from “back then”

slow to the last spin,

the world moves forward again,

and once again

i hear the the whispers on the wind

the end


9 decemeber 2020

19 thoughts on “the end”

  1. Beautiful magic mary, may your end be that beginning that love always is…unconditional ❤️
    Much love, light and blessings for the season dear lady, and a hug from ‘down under’, it too is at the end of the world…but its warmth knows no bounds 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 🎅🏽 🌹 🌸 🌟 🌈 🕊 ❄️ ⛄️

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    1. Good Morning My Faraway Friend 🙂
      Hope this finds You well and happy, in a good place among this crazier than usual time
      Thank You for you kind words, your thoughts always bring a smile in what today is a rather dismal world,
      the fog here is so thick i can’t see across the road, makes the world seem haunting and magickal at the same time. 🙂
      so still in it, walking this morning i could only here my footsteps (and Dakota’s) and our breath. Felt like there was no one else around, and who knows maybe there wasn’t.

      I am in a better place because of always being her Mark…Thank You

      Take Care…You Matter…
      from Texas
      just me

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      1. 🙂 i am always happy, I am Blessed with a new dawn to start over, blue funk sometimes but never does the rabbit hole call these days.
        i am in a really good place, where i am to be 🙂
        and Love entwined with that light for you Mark

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      2. Thank you dear lady, and it is returned in kind. I am also glad that your road has found the roses along its length, you deserve that beauty for your travels. Namaste 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 🎅🏽 🌹🌟 🌈 🕊 ❄️ ⛄️

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      1. You are always welcome dear Mary and nice to see you on blogging. Do keep in touch and you are a wonderful poet. Keep it going and comment on other bloggers too. This way you will be happy blogging and nice to make virtual friends.😊😊😊😊😊

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      2. Thank You 🙂 I seem to squeeze in writing between caring for my mom, takes most of my time these days. I will be back,
        this one was an attempt to use all rhyming with end after i read a book, and saw “the end” and it sort of stuck in my mind…
        LOLs i will write lighter next time 🙂
        I am glad you stopped by again, Thank You for your kindness

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  2. The end of a year… the end of an era, but to draw to an end also means opportunity for a new beginning…
    Loved your poem Mary…. How are you? how have you been…..
    What a year that was…
    And I am also under no illusion it is yet over… But within my heart of hearts Mary, I have never felt more peace… Because I know the process is working to clear out the negative, and we who have been on this journey have already done so much internal sweeping away of our debris… Now the outer world is reflecting that which is from within..

    So dear Mary… hold faith… for we are warriors within a cosmic battle… And our Light is needed to shine my friend..
    Thank you so much for your friendship your light and the love you have shared with me my friend..

    I have not been in my reader very often this year.. So have not caught many of your posts….
    But I often think of you my soul sister….. and send you my thoughts over the pond…

    Much love for a Happy New Earth Year….. Keep hold of your inner Light and love…. and your faith…. that all is unfolding as it should…
    Much love and stay Blessed ❤ 🙂

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    1. ahhh to sit down and have that cup of tea with you 🙂 a Kindred Spirit Sister you are to me, I know you’re there even when time slips in the cracks, and i think about you too and our many talks through cyberspace…
      I am Good, really, i am in a place i was not ever sure i would find but when i turned 65 at the end of December it seemed to open a door of sorts, i did that reflect, react, and let go of the last question that will never have an answer 🙂 , i set upon a new beginning for the journey to where i do not know where it will lead, but i look forward to the unknown of it, and let the wind take me there at it’s own pace. I am just not in a hurry any more LOLs,

      I too am under no illusion the world is at a cross-road, i have never felt an energy so demanding attention, i have never felt such chaos and turbulence being woven … but…i have Faith we are here for a purpose unfolding in front of us, not all light, but it will get there at the end of this beginning 🙂

      I smiled at your words “but to draw to an end also means opportunity for a new beginning…” on my G_D wants me to know this morning flowed right into your thoughts
      “God wants you to know that beginnings are only possible where there are endings.
      Clear acknowledged endings are as necessary to intelligible life, as pauses between notes to intelligible music. Although endings sometimes feel like the end of you, take them for what they really are, – the end of a stage in your life. Here is to new beginnings!”
      sometimes the Universe echoes in places that the heart needs to feel the thoughts.

      I’m glad you liked my poem, all the doors closed that night when i wrote, there is no sadness in it to me, I had fun with each line, slowly closing the past, yet leaving a place to sit and think of all the tomorrows opportunities that is there . I feel connected to an energy that is bigger than life as we know it, its been awhile since i felt the wind’s whispers in my mind and heart at the same time lols, and i must say it startled me, and i could ramble on, but i know you understand without need of words 🙂 Thank You for that my Faraway Friend…

      i haven’t been here much, my mom takes alot of time, though i have finally managed to set some of that time for me,i had to, i was slipping into that crack following the infinite tie i think… I have alot of fun voluntering at the Hospice Thrift store one day aweek, and sometimes more if i need to find space in the mundane … I will eventually (hopefully) work at the Hospice,, the thrift store is non-profit so all patients who come to the Hospice do not pay for anything, nor their families… it has this lightest energy i have ever experienced, at the end of my shifts, i feel like my feet are not even touching the groud lols, even if i am tired.

      So much i have to tell you… and i will, I need to start my chores, now, as life just called me to get up out of this chair 🙂
      Know YOU are thought of often, with much love My Dearest Friend… and Wishes are always whispered on the wind for you from Texas…
      Thank You for your kind words, your inspiring energy that shines across the ocean for me, I am humbled by your friendship..
      and here’s to this New Year, the Beginning that came from an ending
      May we remember the past
      in it’s proper place
      May we Feel the moment of now
      breathe in the curiosity of when where and how
      May the future beckon us to step up to all the possibilities
      that come from the curiosity, the imagination and Faith in our destinies
      May you know Kindness and Love
      and they are really enough
      for with those two energies, we will be alright
      for even in the darkest nights, there is light blazing from inside
      MUCH Love to You Sue…and A very Happy Healthy New Year to You 🙂
      Take Care…You Matter…
      just me

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      1. I hit all the sixes this year.. and I think my turning point was the six zero mark.. 🙂 lol… Glad to hear you are in a better place within.. And thank you for that wonderful comment…
        You most certainly deserve your ME time with all the devotion of your time you have given others..
        I hope and pray that your New Year brings you more such precious moments to yourself..
        Thank you for those magnificent blessings… The same is wished ten fold to yourself..
        Take care of you Mary… I have said it before to you.. There is only ONE you… and your are precious…. Nurture yourself more…
        Love and Blessings Sue ❤ ❤ ❤

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