31 May 2021

31 May 2021   

the end of another month of days 
moments that turn into 24 hours
and 31 days
almost halfway through the year
wonder what will stay
while the rest will disappear
the last day to breathe in May flowers
watered with the late April showers
soon June will be here
with thirty new days 
to work and play
to begin new memories
discover one or two new mysteries
to see who you matter too
who's friendships are true
to relish with hope and faith
to wander lost and lonely, wanting to escape
wonder what tomorrow will bring
as the Summer bells of June ring
think i'll just let it be a surprise
for there are no guarantees in Life
31 May 2021

9 thoughts on “31 May 2021”

  1. Ah dear Mary, I think I understand why time seems to go faster and faster. Our hearts are aligning in love with the flowers, the birds and even the air down here that has all been created from it. Getting us ready to become that unconditional love once again. Your poem sings from that place too, so, so easy to listen to as it calls us to be open and ‘be surprised’ in its calling.
    Enjoy the colors and warmth of summer dear lady, it too will talk its magic also 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    1. Hello There My Faraway Friend 🙂
      Thank You for stopping by, and for coming in to say Hello… I have been i a strange place for quite awhile and as i was reading something, i felt the words whisper, was a strange feeling after all this time…
      I hope you’re doing well in your neck of the woods… we have been bailing water with so much rain, more tonight i think, though come July the trees will still have their leaves 🙂
      i decided on being surprised because i am tired of trying to interpret dreams, understand signs, ect…. hope i don’t regret it LOLs..

      Thank You again Mark..I miss hearing your thoughts, and as i am being pulled back in that strange place ( i need to help mom to bed)
      Take Care…You Matter to me

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      1. Ah dear lady, sometimes our hearts need a rest from us and that constant banter from our ego’s. Just to go play in the rain a while. Mind you, don’t get what we had a while back. We had a complete home floating down the local river in the flooding. That may be a bit too much rain to handle for anyone. Some places had 460mm in three days, made worse because it had rained fairly heavily in the weeks leading up to the downfall.
        The couple who rented the home were about to be married that day and their house and all their belongings floated away and the flooding had in fact isolated them on opposite sides of the river, they couldn’t even get together on their day. I wonder if God was just testing them out to see where their hearts were 😀
        No matter, He will visit us all with a love to guide us dear lady. Our hearts always gives a little quiver when He is about and even though the path may wobble there will always be a guiding hand to help us. Even if He whispers a direction or two 😀
        Take care too dear lady, love and light to you. Just follow your heart, it is a place of rest, its that ego fellow that gets us all tired out 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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      2. I have been playing in rain for almost the whole month of May and now here into June I am still out in it lols…
        pouring right now, thunder seems to been on constant rolling, with lightning giving light in a pewter grey day…
        there have been days i wanted a boat to roll Dakota instead of walk him, but he likes the rain as much as i do, well sometimes 🙂

        now that would have been a test… i have had many tests these days, i suspect i am failing in most of them… lols but i am sure they will come around again..

        i had one day when i woke up from dreams and thought to myself, i know longer Believe in G_D , country and family… i even wrote about it… our world over here is right out of the twilight zone these days… i am waiting for the aliens to take off their invisibility shields and show us what most think anyway…

        lots of Love to you Mark, consider your self hugged and trust me i am not known to give hugs 🙂
        Take Care…You Matter…MUCH

        Blessings aplenty to you
        just me

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      3. Dear lady, there is never such a thing as failing. Each step shows us…us, so we can better ourselves in the one thing that does matter. To love ourselves. Each adventure, even if it is a face full of mud, shows us a very big positive of where we don’t want to be and re-guides us. If it didn’t we would be floundering in mud forever. Mind you, even that has a positive, our skin would be moisturized and rejuvenated beautifully 😀
        This lovely world, even in its madness at the moment is doing the one thing we have waited for…change. But first the fall, those times where we have created a vacuum of what we don’t want and let it go, to the bits that come in and we say yes or no to create the next change. Even if its aliens saving us from ourselves, maybe we are finally ready for it. It’s only the equivalent to finding the world is round and not flat after all. Nobody died or suddenly went screaming of the edge of the earth to prove otherwise 🤣
        And that beautiful hug is accepted with the love given kind lady, and truly appreciated and returned in kind, thank you. One of the things that will most certainly change us for the better, a smile and a hug can move mountains ❤️
        Take care my friend, keep your smiles at hand, and you too do matter greatly 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    1. Thank You 🙂 sometimes i think i would like an hour of standstill in timelessness

      How have you been? i am still taking care of my mom, and just trying to keep from drowning in the mundane of routine

      I am happy to see you, been awhile
      and Thank You for saying I matter, i do wonder about that some days 🙂
      You Take Care…for You Matter too


      1. We are well. Both retired now… I am sure your patience is often tried when dealing with daily elder care. It is none the less honorable to care for another. Be well, keep busy, write more 🌺

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      2. I’m glad y’all are well, and Congratulations on being retired… May you do all you wish to do…
        Patience has not ever been one of my strong points lols… but it has been a long lesson that i am determined to finish…
        I do write, i just don’t always post, time slips away faster for me these days…

        You take Care…


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