the answers are up to me
as i face this road of destiny
i walk in shadows of night
i run towards the light

the choice i make will define
a moment that spans all time
the whispers of the wind
will see me through once again

a cross-road is at hand
emotions i do not understand
decisions that will change my life
praying for peace, no chaos nor strife

let this be the beginning of the end
the being trapped in a spiral spin
a clear day on a mountain high
where clear thoughts soar in flight

going on the road i choose to follow
my own time, my own way to my own hollow
the wind at my back, guiding me forward
a mystery around each corner

the answers are up to me
i choose to be free
to fly in the light of the moon
not a moment too soon

~mary yaus
20 July 2021

3 thoughts on “answers”

  1. That must be you leading the flight to freedom in that photo dear lady…free at last to soar as we were built to do. A lovely poem Mary, coming from that new in you, found after struggle and breaking off another part that has lovingly set you free 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    1. 🙂 flying only in my dreams, i needed a a place to go, so i drifted where i knew i would be okay …in my quiet space…
      i am dealing with caseworkers, non verbal, arrogant doctors who are way to important to talk to a peasant like me when i ask questions, places and people that only care my mom has good insurance, and when its done, she is still not helped, though she has a good assessment to find a short term place and then i am back to square one…another day in paradise, hopefully i will retain my insanity and humor in this challenge G_D think i can handle 🙂
      anyway long story,
      I hope you are well and in a good place in this crazy life that is descended upon us

      Take Care Mark… You Matter Much

      Blessings on the Wind
      just me

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      1. Ah dear lady, this world is indeed touching us in so many dark places at the moment. But the gift I see is the light that it will break open, its just the getting there that requires some grit and patience. And especially some of those white coats, I’ve had my share too and I know I am meant to go through this as I am…but…some days you wonder why you bother and just want to go sit in the sun 😀
        Take a deep breath dear lady, I send you a bucket of loving energy, a hug from a lovely place within…and the blessings of a white coat who smiles, listens and actually does something from their hearts and not ‘the system’.
        Take care Mary, you matter too my friend 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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