she took an early morning flight

she took an early morning flight
taking her last breath at dawns light
she spread her wings in flight
waving good bye one last time

she almost made it to her ninetieth year
two days shy of being there, but she was here
she wanted no sadness nor tears
only memories within smiles on a day so clear

she closed her eyes to this moment in time
leaving pain and sadness far behind
she made her way to what she called home
she may have left, but her spirit is not gone

she leaves each one with a special memory
to place in family and friend's book of history
she becomes an angel  upon her delivery
only to know love, laughter, never any more misery

she always listened more than she talked
never at hardships did she balk
working hard, accepting life as it was, 
she gave more than she received, that was just the way she was

she will be missed each day
though i knew she could no longer stay
i wanted one more time for her to say
everything will always be okay

she took that early morning flight
taking her last breath at dawn's light
spreading her wings in graceful flight
whispering this is not really good-bye

mary yaus
12 October 2021

for my mom, she left this world on 26 August 2021
she is missed...


the answers are up to me
as i face this road of destiny
i walk in shadows of night
i run towards the light

the choice i make will define
a moment that spans all time
the whispers of the wind
will see me through once again

a cross-road is at hand
emotions i do not understand
decisions that will change my life
praying for peace, no chaos nor strife

let this be the beginning of the end
the being trapped in a spiral spin
a clear day on a mountain high
where clear thoughts soar in flight

going on the road i choose to follow
my own time, my own way to my own hollow
the wind at my back, guiding me forward
a mystery around each corner

the answers are up to me
i choose to be free
to fly in the light of the moon
not a moment too soon

~mary yaus
20 July 2021

31 May 2021

31 May 2021   

the end of another month of days 
moments that turn into 24 hours
and 31 days
almost halfway through the year
wonder what will stay
while the rest will disappear
the last day to breathe in May flowers
watered with the late April showers
soon June will be here
with thirty new days 
to work and play
to begin new memories
discover one or two new mysteries
to see who you matter too
who's friendships are true
to relish with hope and faith
to wander lost and lonely, wanting to escape
wonder what tomorrow will bring
as the Summer bells of June ring
think i'll just let it be a surprise
for there are no guarantees in Life
31 May 2021

the edge of time

when life is filled with more blessings

than questions

we have a chance to breathe with no more guessing

a sigh escapes crossing oceans

filled with so many emotions

we are standing on the edge of time

leaving an olde world behind

simple thoughts of where and why

left with the sighs

accepting the now

 accepting the need to know how

possibilities come within the heart

undressing the minds’ part

rewording the thoughts

emotions get caught

in memories of what is now long ago

when breath was once more being stolen

life has many pieces, some will not ever fit

letting go of it

to make room to show the open fields to explore

and oh so much more

thinking of you on the very cold Winter day

wishing you the best of life

will stay deep within your soul

as wishes keep you whole

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods`

and pieces of your life’s puzzle, lay as the they should

~mary yaus

17 February 2921

for you Mark…wishing you the best of what is yet to Be

i do not own the image or video..i found them on the internet and wanted to share so others may enjoy them too

the end

when the end begins ,

the world starts to spin,

there is no reason to want to win,

today becomes “back then”

weaving the spin,

another day of when,

whispers on the wind,

the dawn is the end,

twilight shimmers again,

the moon rises again,

memories rise from “back then”

slow to the last spin,

the world moves forward again,

and once again

i hear the the whispers on the wind

the end


9 decemeber 2020

just living

living in this moment

peace-filled entwined with content

a breath of fresh air

no regrets, just life cares

a time of no more reflection

moments lead to the right direction

we wander within the seasons

looking for purpose, not just a reason

winds of Autumn shed trees of leaves

blankets to be for the first Winter’s freeze

abundant harvests prepared for sharing and giving

time to remember the moments of just really living


 22 November 2020

2020 … a year to remember

hunter diploma june 6 2020

photograph of  Darren Calvert and Hunter

2020.. a year to remember

unusual to say the least
2020 we hope to not repeat
if ever a lesson to be had
chaos, a world gone mad

yet in small towns everywhere
seniors just wanted to prepare
to graduate, start a new chapter
a simple day,
to show their hard work mattered

social distancing caused a hiccup
instead of a walk across a stage,
a parade with cars and pick-ups
one last walk through the halls
sort of like wandering in a mall

separate, but together in thoughts
so many memories, dreams that were sought
friends laughing together one more time
one last look as they leave this world behind

out the door, a handshake, handed the sacred diploma
you hear the shouts of Congratulations, its a special moment
smile for the photo ops, with family and friends
that moment when you realize, a new chapter begins

confetti diploma june 6 2020

it’s been a crazy school year,
lots of laughter, lots of tears
you came through it with flying colors
now a new world begins for you to discover

Congratulations to all the seniors of Class 2020
May you all have happiness and success a plenty
Know this year will be one for the history books
You were on the front row participating, you had what it took

You came away with kindness and a new perspective
an open heart and mind, heading in a new direction
I wish you well, I wish Love, I wish you Peace
May each moment the good stuff increase

Take Care…You Matter… Always

9 June 2020
for my grandson Hunter Sanchez,
may he always know love above all else especially from his family

Hunter and me 6 June 2020 a great dayhunters day 6 june 2020 kat eddie paige hunterHunter and jimbo lunch after graduation 6 june 2020

me and Hunter………………………..Paige, Kathy, Hunter, Eddie………….Jimbo and Hunter…………..

missing today

Great-Grandmother Merrell

Grandparents Anna and Eduardo

  Uncle JJ, Aunt Sarah and cousin Cody

brother John, sister-in-law Paola, niece Bella, nephew Maximus

Aunt Grace, Uncle Mike, and cousin Eliana,

Aunt Marinna, Uncle Richard, cousins Dominic and Evelyn

and… cousin Austin

due to social distancing, only one carload allowed so they joined us in thoughts

it was a Great day, different but fun for me 🙂


I do not own any rights to the video, it was my grandsons class of 2020 song and I wanted share for all to enjoy,

the photographs are our families

the world stands still


the world stands still
so empty, so surreal
cars gone from streets
no friends nor stranger to meet
people behind closed doors
quietly keeping score

lost and alone
is there anyone home
silence is such a loud sound
when no one’s around
will the doors stay closed
while fear goes unopposed

a voice soars through the air
a song of hope and care
filled with love and faith
giving life with each breath
each note reaching far and wide
showing faith and love will not hide

~mary yaus
13 April 2020


I do not own the rights to the video or images, they are found on the internet, I wanted to share with those who will hear…see…

Rose On Wood BW


hold on my heart

caught between shadow and light

Whispers in the dark
hold on my heart
shadows dancing on the wall
again slowly… we fall

candle light burns down
hearts beating is the only sound
southern breeze comes in the window
stirring emotions, starting their flow

wrapping us in passion’s smoke
as each ember is stroked
breaths are too far, too few
in between them we always knew

love grew when it was long ago planted
only within the heart do we understand it
we got lost in the moonlight
us, the stars and fireworks took flight

we entwined, in that immortal love
holding on as we soared so far above
it was a one of those dreams that came true
later… i knew

rain fell like tears from heaven
once again it was the twelfth of never
i get to say i once truly loved someone
i’m sad it is over before it had really begun

know i am not lost, i am just alone
I like that, it’s right where i know i belong
as night again comes to a close it’s enough
in my dreams i wish you that security you wanted so much

11 April 2020

Winds of time2

I don’t own the images, I found them on the internet and wanted to share them

It’s Getting Real

Sacred Journey

Without busyness a lot of our shadow self emerges. Things we’ve not dealt with come up and out. They get magnified. We are confined with others who are also experiencing their own shi(f)t.

I am sure there will be many separations and divorces when we return to our previous lifelines. There will be many who may find themselves picking up a vice (or two) in order to suppress the event. There may be abuse involved and lots of low vibrational challenges ahead.

Take a breather. Return to this memory. Step back from it all. Recognize truth. You will be triggered by your partner, kids, parents, friends, neighbors and the media. You will be rubbed and irritated by the confinement and the lack of routine. You may even fantasize of how different your life will be once you have your previous life back.

That other life will now be completely different…

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