music in silence


Music gives a soul to the universe…
wings to the mind
flight to the imagination
and Life to everything


silence isn’t wordless
it vibrates on any surface
creating its own song
whispering to belong

i’m at a loss for words
silence is what I heard
yet it swirled in colors
waiting for me to discover

music that fills my soul
dancing within my own song
no words spoken out loud
just music floating on the clouds

19 March 2020


one good thing about music…
when it hits you,
you feel no pain
~Bob Marley

Listen to the silence


Day Before the Leap Day

leap of faith

the day before you leap day
rest, reflect, redirect
stop…look all four ways
listen, nature calls to connect

tomorrow an extra day begins
anything you want to become
dance in the rain, race the wind
with the dawn,
know life has again… begun

twilight fades into the shadows of sunrise
morning skies burst in brilliant hues
the falcon takes his days’ first flight
an extra day, makes him feel brand new

an extra twenty four hours to just be
to make this reality be alive with magick
to once again set the destiny free
becoming all you’ve ever dared to imagine

the day before you leap day
whisper on the nights wind
kneel before G_D and pray
know the best that is yet to be, begin

Dare to Take the Leap

28 February 2020

Listen to the silence

I do not own the right to the images, nor the video I share for others to enjoy

piece by piece


piece by piece
we release
small parts of us
will it be enough?

minute by minute
we stretch the limits
reaching for the stars
knowing trust carries us far

hour by hour
sweetness overcomes the sour
hearts begin to recover
awareness is rediscovered

day by day
we work, we play, we stay
gathering strength
as hands and hearts link

week by week
we are no longer weak
stronger we grow
within spirit and soul

month by month
we seek, we hunt
ways to reflect
as we find ways to connect

year by year
we survive the tears
the ups and downs
being lost, being found

life comes full circle, again
endings bloom into new ways to begin
seeds scattered and bloomed
love comes again, we just accept, never assume

27 February 2020

Rose On Wood BW


I do not own the rights of the images of video, I only wanted to share with my thoughts


a touch


looking forward


in this life everyone could use a touch of fantasy,
of magick and mystery.
close within nature to inspire your soul
the smallest of miracles to make the spirit glow

a touch of whimsical to make you smile
found not lost through the wandering miles
the songs of birds seem to dance through the air
ribbits of frogs, songs of crickets, they too gladly share

bare-feet walking through the cool morning on grass
crystal blue skies with touches of orange and pink look like stained glass
dew drops sparkle like diamonds paving the way
for an endless day of laughter and play

life is more good if one looks beyond the mundane
setting aside the worlds insanity and pain
within the stillness of dawn there is always a new beginning
there is beauty to be found in yesterday’s ending

a touch of fantasy, a stroke of magick
the steps of the wandering nomadics
mind over matter, thoughts within heart scatters
planted as seeds to later be gathered

3 February 2020

blue butterfly with quote

I do not own the rights of images, I found them on the internet and wanted to share for others to enjoy




written in the stars
a poem with no words to travel far
rushing currents turning the whispers
on the winds into silence
flowing on the earth’s rivers
becoming part of the timeless
tears flow down unknown faces
leaving only shadows to trace
love lost in this once upon a time
memories hidden, forever denied

i hear thoughts
though they’re not really mine
they’re memories i had left behind
of battles long ago fought
no one won the battles nor the war
just walked away, not wanting any score
drowning in all the tomorrows
that would never be
no joy no sorrows
a spirit left to wander the open seas

it’s a hot summer day
the wind stirs the heat
footprints don’t even stay
to remember someone passing this way
a feather in red fell
though no bird in sight
perhaps it has a secret to tell
or perhaps a haunting whisper to roam the night
perhaps a simple sign of hope or to have faith
wonder if anyone knows which way

16 August 2019




life’s simple pleasures

life's simple pleasures

life’s simple pleasures
moments to treasure
one stitch at a time
circles of flaxen twine
quiet thoughts
peace sought
and found
in the silence of sound
never lonely in being alone
in a space where i belong
no need for more than what i have
a journey on this path
within the darkness a light
my soul takes flight
i follow the path before me
within grace i am finally free
blessed beyond measure
in this life i treasure
nor more, nor less
just simply blessed
23 may 2019


but a whisper…


Time is neither here nor there, yet here we are..joined in the echoes
of the in-between fractured moments defined by time itself. caught within the existence of breathing, experiencing the life with all its chaos and flaws.
wandering deep within emotions that are a part of the vibrations of the universe.
Love is but a whisper, flowing silently on the wind. it never begins, it never ends,for it is the breath of the infinite soul. the spirit carries love,
held inside the heart, where it seeks to be felt, as well as longs to be heard
to taste it, is to encompass the passions of the echoes that has come and gone,savoring in the glory it has inspired, sometimes defeated in the ultimate loss of it.
yet, it always resides within, neither here nor there, only in the breath of these fractured moments in between, waiting to be released once again to share.
It is the the song of the heart, the rhythm in the music of a thousand years of memories. growing stronger in the silent echoes, held within the valleys of the mountains, the never ending waves of the oceans. waiting to be cherished within the folds of time that do not exist…once again.
Love exists within, through-out the bounds of nature, it resides in all life, in all beauty, given freely to the soul’s heart, no human mind creates it,
the mind only stores its memories. the joy, the pain, the answered,
and the unanswered.
Love is the hope of tomorrow
enduring the moments of joy and sorrow
Hope is the faith within silence
patient holding back defiance
Faith is knowing silence is not empty
it is filled with answers aplenty
Silence is where you hear the echoes
of a thousand years ago
Echoes vibrate to the colors of wonder
discovering Love as your soul wanders
7 April 2019
Rose On Wood BW
i do not own the rights to the images and video,
i share so others may enjoy


are we ghosts

caught between shadow and light
are we ghosts
our souls their host
destined or cursed
to wander alone
never to belong,no home
was destiny rehearsed to be reversed
are we ghost
nothing to hold
no warmth, always cold
nothing fulfilled
no longer real
is our fate now sealed
thoughts slowly drift
in silence within times rift
to shift, forgetting promised gifts
dreams no longer earth bound
each one lost,no longer to be found
tears fall with no sound
are we ghosts
once whole,one soul
forever to be lost
within kisses,breath stole
destined to live in the far off
forever no longer sought
are we ghosts
never to let go
of all we still hold
to be as the wind
whispers that won’t end
to remember why, yet only pretend
hope caught between light
shadows of spirits caught within flight
love no longer need be wrong or right
no moon, no sun, no stars
just to exist, no risks, only scars
still reaching, though hope now seems to far
11February 2019


images found on the internet,
i do not own the rights,
i just wanted to share


mists and moolight

the mist seemed to breathe
exhaling a cold,wet breath
inhaling the silence in between
echoes caught within life and death
stepping deep into the mist
enveloped within the cold and silent
the world and time would no longer exist
the spirit calmed, no longer defiant
many years to reach this place
losses and lessons entwined in knowing
each step forward, closer to the sacred space
memories within gratitude growing
the raven caws out of nowhere
the mists breath stands still
the wolf howls to the moon somewhere
winds whisper of destinies fulfilled
life has come full circle within four seasons
each a gift to behold and treasure
let go are questions, answers, and reasons
catching a ride on the wind like a falling feather
the spirit has been nourished
growing into new possibilities
within it’s soul,it has flourished
in the gift of knowing it has a place within infinity
23 january 2019