Life’s Threads

Weaving dreams
Life’s Threads
life is full of loose threads
waiting to begin a tapestry within life
hearing the whispers of the night
we wander where few dare to tread
entwining joy and pain
memories made, seeping within the soul
shadows dance, breath they stole
passion is what we will gain
drawing threads to form a web
straight lines and curves connect
some will keep, others will reject
some to bind, others far from the flow and ebb
each thread becomes a path
a journey of one’s choosing
no expectations, no winning nor losing
wrapped in calm with the occasional wrath
we become tribes while still being alone
gathering in thoughts spoken out loud
loose threads become sacred shrouds
together… far apart we always belong




the complexity of time

neither forward,nor behind

invisible wheels turn

gaining speed on each curve


yesterday is in now’s tomorrow

for better or worse, we borrow

nothing to hold in your hand

time is flexible in the intent to understand


time is a throwback within years

spinning the living through mirrors

where death waits at the door

time is what we want more


reflection of days gone by

turning days into nights

twilight gives way to dawn

dusk goes further beyond


seconds wrapped in minutes

not for the weak and timid

minutes spun into the golden hours

as the seed becomes the flower


for all time is not a straight line

forever is not left behind

words make time immortal

as humans pass through each portal


their hands move through space

clockwise upon each other’s face

neither here nor there

eternity is what will be shared



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no longer remember

flying home

I held my breath as we do sometimes to stop time when something wonderful has touched us

– Mary Oliver


Winds of time2

i no longer remember your eyes

green and gold

looking through into my soul

i  let go of the lies


i don’t remember the touches of your finger tips

drawing hearts on my skin

nor the touch of your lips

that kissed with no end


i have forgotten the feel to love in once upon a time

a day where thoughts of tomorrow were shared

nights where there was no illusion of time

wondering no more if you ever really cared


i no longer remember the way we were

nor the what that should have been

i made it through that life changing curve

and now i am just me again



blue butterfly with quote

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morning solitude

me, my thoughts…..alone

within this darkest shadow i’ve ever known

drifting to find an escape

knowing there is no such place


i pass through myths and lore

shadows of love cast from time before

promises made within the lies that were laid

only remnants of shattered love remain


magick calls to me over and over

i turn away looking for that non-mystical closure

long walks on broken roads

destiny with no more stories to be told


how does one return

from a betrayers burn

gather ashes to rebuild?

create layers of walls and shields


ones lessons take on many paths

dreams lay bare in the aftermath

let the pieces lay scattered on the floor

is there nothing to take with you from before


where to go from here

another day another year

shadows filtered the light

does one ever get it right


25 may 2017


no boundaries

a story written in the stars

once upon a time in the distant far

hidden words within the lines of your face

memories of times past,sequestered in another place


words no longer have a voice for you to send

they’ve become whispers riding the wind

the further they drift away

the easier it gets to keep going on this way


the past is a blur in the setting of the sun

the future seems never to have begun

dreams will stay hidden,deep in silent thoughts

the battle is lost,never even being fought


25 may 2017


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invisible threads

colliding worlds

We are individual worlds of light and dark, forever colliding

pieces of our ancestors flow between us and our children,always looking,sometimes finding

held together by invisible threads weaving our histories

ancient voices from beyond whispering, sharing within life’s hidden mysteries

some good, some not so good,all reflecting stored memories of experiences

entwined together in each of our similarities and differences

the past is ever present as it looks forward into an unknown future

we are after all our own life’s stories script writer and producer

we choose of free will to act or react to the sharing of our soul’s heartbeat

we rejoice in pleasure of gratitude, or feel the agony contained in a moment’s defeat.

dancing in the rain,walking beneath the moon, barefoot upon the beach,

catching air in between our dreams, all are within reach.




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upon this morn


a dance of spirits upon this morn

another day and you are born

a breath that was halted upon this cloud

no longer cold wrapped within heavens shroud


a song of joy heard before time began

before life flowed with in a glass of sand

a smile that became an eternal light

to guide my soul through the darkest of nights


a whisper from nowhere,everywhere shakes the trees

within its surrender i once again become free

a place where love is of peace

within this Light of Divine, my soul is released


a prayer of hope from long ago

thoughts into words become a hearts song

within the rise of this mornings sun

a new breath within eternal life has begun


16 April 2017

ready to fly




footprint of memories


ancient times held in stones

silence wanders among it’s ghosts

whispers through from times gone past

where footprint of memories still last


created by a connection circled in unity

today shrouded in mists of life’s mysteries

wisdom in voices heard on the wind

where truth cannot bend


sharing within it’s stone walls

answering to all who come to call

teaching of the Creators’ balance in nature

caring for all life, responsibility for one’s behavior


walking on sacred ground

listening…sharing the wisdom that is found

where we had been times before

where we traveled to many distant shores


a time of many tears, a time of laughter

a time when we connect with the here after

all is possible on this sacred ground called earth

where in each death there is a creation of birth


our threads of life connections woven in webs of many colors

each a path for us to move forward and discover

who we are as we take a direction of the four winds

following the whispers the ancients shall send


today I follow traces of the footprints into the winds of the west

where together with them I stand watching the sun set

beauty in their life and death brings rivers of tears

as I listen in the stillness of the wind, their stories I hear

always…I know they are near


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Winds of time2

love came tripping off my tongue

quietly stumbling, falling

words rushing as if time had just begun

hesitating, perhaps stalling


silence echoed in it’s wake

uncertainty grips somewhat foreboding

breath it seems to take

pain within spirit is exploding


illusive within time lost

found again within delusions

searching no matter the cost

questions never finding a conclusion


love is the greatest mystery

a feeling, an act, a moment

vulnerable in it’s liberty

of a heart wide open


19 march 2017



time is light as a feather

and heavy as a rock

goes on forever

it moves on in the hands of a clock


time is an illusion

hides pain in healing words

stands in limbo,smothers in intrusions

let go and it flies like a bird


time can be a friend

turns quickly into an enemy

turn and walk away in the end

or be ruled by enmity


time is transparent

solid as well as vapor

within your soul it’s inherent

it’s your free will from the Creator


time waits for no one

it’s an invisible thread on your journey

it answers to none

time doesn’t judge if you’re worthy


time is the past, present and future

combined into now

no winner nor loser

time makes no  promises nor vows


does time begin or does it end?

does it matter if it does neither

is it carried by the wind

is it a student or teacher


time wanders free, yet it can bind

if you let go of time are you free?

would you be more inclined to be kind

without the constraints of time, what would you Be?


18 march 2017

time quote