a song


within a song

i would strike a chord

taking me to a place to belong

opening  a new world


to sing with words of hope

music descending from heaven

magickal notes my soul would stroke

love would be my accession


i will feel the music deep within

spirit would dance within it’s beat

taking me to that sacred place again

a new dawn i shall meet


within that song of songs

time would need not exist

nor judging anything right or wrong

there would be no need to make a wish



freeze frame

freeze frame that memory

midnight oil burning history

thoughts spinning into the night

just know everything will be alright

a moment to pause within this flight

smiles dance in the shadows of candle light

tales of magick and mayhem

prayers end with an amen

tears rain down again

when the end begins

memories of another time

when what was, is now no where to find

secrets in whispers left far behind

echoes of once loved will lead the blind

spirit shattered will soon gather

hope within seeds of time to scatter

does any of this really matter

broken hearts torn and tattered

yesterdays tears of sorrows,

joys being made for the tomorrows

living while knowing time is borrowed

promises to be bestowed

memories freeze framed

life, love and laughter will always change




before now

within that last moment

before now

bathed in discontent

you didn’t know how

to breathe

to be

to see

the wind blowing

you beyond knowing

so carefully showing

a split second of sight

as your spirit took flight

in the Winter’s twilight

to feel Spring

the magick it brings

when the robins again sing

there’s nothing time hasn’t changed

no need for blame

you’ll never be the same

in the moment of ending

when life is spinning

you shall have another beginning


31 january2017

the clock strikes midnight

what if your path

binds your feet

what if the future

becomes the past



for what


at last

i know defeat

i did not look away

i was looking to


if you would confess

i could move again

and forget

the betrayal of heart

and trust

feel there is never

an us

i close my eyes

to remember the good

while i still could

string them on a short thread

no regret

in you leaving us

in the middle of a memory

that did bind my feet

i opened my eyes

as the clock stuck midnight

New Year was here

wiping away the last tear

i smile one last time

across the miles

the wind carries it far

its been a long time

since that wish on a star

i stayed to long

in memories

where i never had a chance

to belong

always outside looking in

at the end

do no harm is my path

even in the storms aftermath

my feet know

which way the winds blow

after i let go


9january 2017


Christmas Eve

with no limits

time to Believe

it’s fifteen minutes

til midnight

where love

takes flight

it’s enough

if only for a moment

to awaken the dream

that’s been absent

it would seem

look to the stars

close your eyes

send the wish far

feel it fly


24 December 2016

image found on the internet


within this silent in-between space
memories our soul shall trace
we wander in thoughts of tomorrow
entwined within joy and sorrow
reflecting in thoughts of yesterday
pausing to hear what slipped away
yet we are still in this moment
when time vanishes taking its discontent
leaving songs of this life within eternity
to spin and weave another love within mystery
19 Dec 2016

desolate times


desolate times…..

desolate landscapes of loneliness

desolate times of sadness

surrounded by chaos and noise

magnified by progress’s toys

hiding under layers and layers of fear

silent echoes of love shrouded in tears

crying out to be heard

trying to remember the words

some will destroy within their hate

some will sleep walk within their faith

will enough awaken in time… to take a stand

to save humanity within this hallowed land



rising dawn


rising dawn

yesterday gone

still waters

spirit wanders

breathless whispers

begins Winter

North wind blows

time will slow

thoughts will remember

all through December

reflect deep within

let go…begin





Autumn tinted in blue

who knew

it wouldn’t last

or how fast

it would fade

to winter’s grey

enjoy the moment

for soon it will be absent

from thoughts passing by

and you’ll never figure out why